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             needs now and cannot do without is a debit card for sidewalk vending.The Drug Money SPARE ANY CHANGE DEBIT CARD and mobile and wireless, a cash replacement card for sales, goods and services in an untapped market world wide. For use outdoors for instance catering to street wise chip trucks, hot-dog vendors, ticket scalpers, drug dealers, prostitutes and panhandlers at the grass roots level. What about them in your service, have you resorted yourself to any of these persons? Should they stay with cash money as they do now, not yet? For sidewalk vending in the black market for illicit and tax-free goods, sales and service and for the homeless. We are not the Banks, we work across the street from them, lurking in the shadows. We cater to the criminal element of the underworld and the homeless, jonesing for cigarettes, spare any change. The free no cost version of the Spare Any Change Debit Card has free FLASH like a timcard for instant transactions on the spot, but only basic details online like at the bank. Buying the card for a onetime feee of $20 and a monthly fee of $4.95 it comes with detailed info online, the Card comes with a chip, stripe, flash, signature box, exp date and a name optional, paid out amounts to the penny and second.
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